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This movie set in the backdrop of kuwait war, the latest and best of akshaykumar movie starrer airlift is a wonderfull crafted movie that shows the lives and struggles of people in kuwait. not the best but good screenplay without using commercialization formula the movie succeeds.

Ranjit Katyal, a businessman who is settled in Kuwait is the central protagonist of the film. In 1990, Iraq under the dictatorship of Saddam Hussein decided to attack Kuwait. Ranjit who was basically thinking about the safety of his family and company workers, gradually understood the fact that there were more than one and a half lakh Indians stranded there in that horrific situation. The movie depicts the selfless efforts of Ranjit and a few of his friends to save this large number of Indians.

All actors were good and their performance is a must watch.  Akshay Kumar is an actor who can do any roles. But since for few years i could see him struggling with movies and box office wise his market was very low. he may be expensive but selection of his movies was horrible. but with this movie he succeeded and he was able to bring true stardom. we all want to see him as not action hero but as an real actor will all those raw emotions. this time sceenplay allowed him to. Prakash Belawadi as George Kutty was very good. the emotions were rightly expressed even though he had short role.  he was able to prove as an best actor through this movie. his last scene with akshay kumar was an asset to this movie and one of the reasons that i got a chance to increase this movie ratings.Inaamulhaq as Major Khalaf bin Zayd was good and he is our next star for sure.Nimrat Kaur as Amrita Katyal dint have much sceen time and script dint express her character in the movie so i cant blame her.  rest all actors were good and no one disappointed me.

Raja Krishna Menon (director) was able to use his directorial power in this movie. he has directed a movie before - Barah Aana and that wasnt much recognised.    his second movie that is airlift got lots of appreciation. He was able to display all the points in this movie and the backdrop visualization could have been better. the reason is that i could feel something missing that is seriousness. this movie needed lot of seriousness and it  lacked in that. the Iraq soldiers looked very confusing and they were just roaming around looks like script dint have any roles for them. they were important and director failed in that. i expected horror thrilling moves from the soldiers but it just went opposite. editing was fine. music was just above average and background music wasn't thrilling.
Soch Na Sake was the only good music and i liked them puting it as backgroung music in some places. my music rating- 2.3/5

overall this movie was good but not as best as i expected. start was little boring and in middle there were some thrills along with flaws too. climax was good and it ended as i thought.
Airlift is a must watch movie because it has lots of facts about the people who lived in Kuwait at that war time and their struggles . this movie is based on real incident and certainly needed to be watched with children as it carries lots of message for younger generation too.

my rating- 3.8/5 (very good)

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